Rock and Roll Backpack

As a birthday present for my older son, T.  I made a backpack based on the Penguin backpack in the Oliver and S book, ‘Little Things to Sew’
He wasn’t overly inspired by the penguin rendition in the book, so I used this as a basis for making one more to his interests.
As I’ve mentioned previously, letting the cherubs help choose fabric can be a bit hit or miss, and the ‘rock and roll’ fabric I used to line his backpack is what he chose to have a shirt made out of! (Incidently, the shirt is cut out, but still requires finishing in time for his birthday too)
Given the ‘vibrancy’ of his fabric I went for something a little plainer for the outside and used a royal blue pinwale cord. 
I simply appliqued his initial on the front, and used a little of the lining to bind the ends of the shoulder straps.
This was another great Oliver and S pattern, with well written instructions and diagrams to help you along. 
I made it slightly harder for myself by making it plainer, as the directions are very much written assuming you are making the penguin. 
It just involved a bit more thought to figure out which bits you didn’t need to cut, and then which parts of the instructions to skip past. 
In conclusion, another winner from the ‘Little Things to Sew’ book.

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