Woodland Stroll Cape

When the new Woodland Stroll cape pattern was released by Liesl of Oliver and S recently, I thought it would make a great topper for our temperate but windy city!

It doesn’t take a lot of fabric, and I was sure I would have something available to try it out with stash fabric.
For the shell, I had some eggplant coloured boiled wool/rayon. This is lovely and soft, and sewed up beautifully.
This will look much better when I wear it with a scarf and such!
For the lining, I selected a silk satin that I purchased because I loved the vibrancy of it – unfortunately it was still languishing in my stash because I just couldn’t imagine wearing anything made from it!

Thankfully, it looks awesome as the lining in my cape, and will make me smile whenever I wear it.
For the fastenings, I used tack buttons (like on your jeans). I wanted something a little quieter, because I have some great scarves, and with the peeks of the lining, I didn’t want them to compete. Obviously though, I can change them for something brighter if I change my mind!
As with all Oliver and S patterns, the instructions are superb with helpful diagrams along with the well written instructions. My only deviation from the instructions as written was to leave the opening for turning in the back neckline rather than in the lining. I was a bit concerned pulling the entire shell through a gap in the lining would shred the seam allowances on the silk. 
They provide the suggestion/option to edge stitch the entire cape, which I did do because the boiled wool was quite puffy and the edge stitching gave it a slightly crisper finish.
This went together quite quickly, with only three pattern pieces – in fact I think it took longer to cut out and interface the pieces than it did to actually sew up!
I can see myself wearing this a lot on windy or cooler days, when I often need to wear a little something extra, but not necessarily a coat.

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  1. Macska

    Very nice! That lining is fabulous. 🙂

  2. Crafty Mermaid

    I adore the lining – might just have to make one of these up for myself!

  3. thecuriouskiwi

    Ohh I like it! Especially the lining, crazy but fantastic! 🙂 The edge stitching does add a crispness and it looks great on you. I just bought the Watson jacket/cape from PaperCut but I can't bear to think about cutting it out with all this sunshine!

  4. Wendy

    Thank you – I love it too!

  5. Wendy

    You totally should, it would look great on you!

  6. Wendy

    Thank you! I can honestly say I had this on for exactly as long as it took to take the photo – it was hot!
    I like the look of the Watson cape too – will look forward to seeing it when the weather cools down a bit 😉

  7. Sandra

    I love this pattern and agree it would be ideal for the weather here in Welly. I think I might have to have one – good job that Global Fabric's sales doesn't end until tomorrow.

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