Birthday Present Sewing

Another one of those things ‘they’ don’t tell you before you have children, is that children will make friends, and get invited to a LOT of birthday parties! And it seems we are in the midst of birthday season.

I am fortunate to have crafty friends who appreciate a good handmade gift, so the search was on for a great idea. I came across thisĀ Art-on-the-Go kit, and decided it would be perfect for the varying ages I needed to make gifts for – mostly 3 – 7 year olds.

These are great as they don’t use much fabric, so I have been able to make use of my leftover offcuts from previous sewing projects.
I have also been able to match the fabric and colours to the child I have been making them for.

I have so far made at least half a dozen of these, and my own children are making noises that they would like one for themselves.

As well as the examples pictured, there have been art rolls made from denim, shirting stripes, sock monkey print, pinwale cord, and I have used what I had on hand for the batting layer – mostly towelling, polar fleece and flannelette.

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  1. Crafty Mermaid

    Lovely! And I recognize the fabric – glad its getting good use!

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