Made By Rae Parsley Pants

As I’ve mentioned previously, my older son is small in both height and girth, which makes RTW pants an impossibility.
The current solution to this, is that I make his pants for him.

When Made by Rae released their new pants pattern, I showed it to my son who immediately latched on to the tartan pairs!!

I took myself off to Spotlight to look for some suitable fabric to try the pattern, and found some forest green and oatmeal check on the clearance table – sold!

I sewed them up, and handed them over for a try on and opinion. He liked them, but asked if I could make them warmer. After a bit of thinking, and a dive into my stash, I decided to underline the next pair with flannelette.

This time I took him with me to Spotties to pick his own fabric, and we came awaywith some ‘interestinng’ choices.

Lazer Beam pants!!

Cartoon pants
He is really pleased with his ‘warm’ pants, and they are in regular rotation, at least once a week or more often if they go through the wash.
‘scuse the wrinkles – I had to spirit these out of the washing basket while he wasn’t looking!!
He has a couple more pieces of fabric chosen for more, when I get to it too …..

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  1. Sandra

    They are so cute – the cartoon stripe is just adorable. I bet they were all the talk with his mates!

  2. Gillian D

    What was the pattern like -worth buying or can you still self draft at his age?

  3. gillian

    They look great. I can recommed the star wars flannelette from arthur toyes.

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