Wiksten Tova – round 2

Despite not being entirely happy with the fit of my previous version of this pattern, I have worn it most weeks since it was made. A remake was in order.

After taking my shirt to my last Meet-up group meeting, and getting some advice from my lovely friends, I made the suggested changes and sewed it up again. After a minor brain fart with the sleeves, I re-cut and sewed them.

The fit is now pretty good.

this hem is straight – just would have looked better with an iron!

The changes made;

– an FBA as detailed in my previous post.
– added 2cm right across the front, back and sleeves at high bust height.
– cut the front yoke on the bias for interest.
– added snap closures to the front band.

– after setting in the sleeves with the 2cm added, realised that the angle of the sleeve meant the shirt was mostly unwearable (think straight jacket chic). I ripped them out again, re-jigged the sleeve.
This involved tipping the 2cm gap I had made into nothing at the centre of the sleeve, and then adding the length I has lost at the top of the sleeve cap to the sleeve side seams.

Will add a pic of the altered pattern piece when I get to taking it.

A change I made last time that I have not incorporated, was to add a couple of fisheye darts to the back for some waist shaping. I may still do this yet.

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  1. Emily

    Oh I like this and yes please to a pic of the alteration you made to the sleeve cap.

    Hope you didn't rock n roll too much last weekend or Friday.

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