Hot Patterns Fast and Fabulous La Strada Tee

In my on-going love affair with Hot Patterns, and trying out their knit tops, I made the La Strada tee, from their Fast ad Fabulous range.

As my previous attempts at Hot Pattern knits had come out too big, I went down another size.
Unfortunately, I used a much more stable knit this time. It fit really nicely through the shoulders, bust and waist, but was a bit tight through the hips!   *head thump*

The benefactor of this sewing mis-fit was my sister. It seems to fit her as per the pattern illustration, so this counts as a win, even if I am still not adding any new tops to my wardrobe.

I will be making this again in the next size up, as I do like the style.

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  1. flossieft

    Wow I really like the lines of this top. Are these PDF patterns? At least you found a good home for this version.

  2. Michelle

    How much did you size down from what the size chart would indicate? (Asking out of curiosity because I plan to make this top.)

  3. Wendy

    Hi Michelle!
    My measurements put me firmly in the 16/18 range, which I find is perfect for wovens.
    I have been using a 14 in knits, which has largely been working well, but after a couple of disappointing makes I went down to a 12 for this. I definitely think I will be sticking to just 1 size down in future!

  4. Michelle

    Awesome, thanks! I've also found that with the newer HotPatterns, going down one size from my size chart measurements has usually worked best for me, so it sounds like we're generally on the same page with that..

  5. Emily

    Poo you had to give that one away …..I wonder if you can do it again for you with 12 at the shoulders then widen it to about a 14 at the hips….

    I do the same in that I think I know what size I am then find out I actually don't really know lol. Oh well, I've a couple of friends who have benefited from this.

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