Muse Patterns – Jenna Cardi

This is actually my second attempt at making the Jenna Cardi pattern from Muse.

My first, whilst sewn beautifully in a black merino french terry?, was much too big through the shoulder line for me. It was gifted to my lovely friend, Crafty Mermaid.

This time to test fit, I sewed the hip length version with 3/4 sleeves. I did not include the extra yoke detailing.  I made a size 40 through the shoulders and bust, extending out to a 42 through the waist and hips. This now fits much better (than the photos would have you believe!)

The fabric is a merino/cotton I picked up for the absolute bargain price of $1/metre at a manufacturers sale.  It is a charcoal grey with tiny navy/black squares woven into it.

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  1. Macska

    $1/metre?!??! Wowsers!!!

    I really like this on you. 🙂

  2. Crafty Mermaid

    And Crafty Mermaid is very appreciative! Much comfort now that I”ve finally sewn the buttons on. My go to cardi for the weekend

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