More Parsley Pants

My go-to pattern for pants for my boys is the Made By Rae Parsley pants. You can see my previous review here.

I won’t repeat that all again, except to say it is a quick and easy pattern that yields nice results.

First up, some of the fleece versions, or as they are called at our house, fluffy pants! No pockets, straight up tracky daks. I have also made track pants from the more usual sweatshirting.

Avengers, flouro zigzag, and camo.

Next up we have ‘jeans’.

2 types of denim, and navy cotton drill.

These I did put pockets on, lined with quilting cotton to reduce bulk.
I also did a faux flat felled outseam by doing a large pintuck and then topstitching it down.

There are at least another 3 pair of these pants that are either being worn or in the wash currently.

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  1. MrsC (Maryanne)

    I love the fleecy ones. I've made a few fleece full circle skirts with fur around the bottom for small female people – you cannot beat the warm snuggly of it!

  2. Crafty Mermaid

    Definitely ploughing through them! The fleece look so cozy and massively impressed that your jeans look like jeans!

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