By Special Request

It started innocently enough ….

T – ‘Mummy, I want to be a Ninja’

Me – ‘Okay. Have you got a ninja costume in the dress up box?’

T – ‘Oh .. no. But I found a picture on the computer, and you can make it for me’. (The google foo is strong in this one!)

Me – ‘Oh?! Show me then’.

T- ‘See, it has a dragon on the front, and it has to have … and … and…. and you can make it for me!

Me – ‘That looks a bit tricky to make …’

T- ‘But you are very good at sewing, Mummy 🙂 ‘

And thus, I was suckered into making a ninja costume.

I took the cheats way out, and purchased black pants and a long sleeve tee, while hoping I could come up with a good way of getting a ninja-like dragon on the front.

We googled images, and found one that he was happy with, and I thought I had a hope of pulling off.

In the end, I vaguely traced the image onto some red fabric, and then appliqued it to the front of the tee. Cut around the circle on the outside, and the dragon in the middle.

Job done!

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