Tooth Fairy Pillow

When D.’s first tooth fell out this morning after over a week of doing the wiggle dance, a containment  vessel and tooth fairy signal* was required.

I gave him a couple of options of what it could look like, and he decided a tooth pillow was what he liked best.
I used the Tooth Fairy pillow tutorial by Handmade Jane, found here.

He did a stash dive of the fabric ends and small pieces shelf, and came up with a gold denim, and Spiderman print cotton, and so 30 minutes later his pillow was born.

 I did the sewing and  D. helped with the stuffing part.

The tooth is now safely stored in the Spidey pocket, ready for the Tooth Fairy to do their thing.

* Tooth Fairy signal is like a Bat signal only cooler ( and requiring money!)

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