Swimming Bags and some Applique

A fun project that I took I while to get photos for was the boy’s Swimming bags.

These are one of those projects I had good intentions of making for a Christmas or birthday present at some point, but actually only got made right before they needed them for school swimming lessons.

No particular pattern was used – I just measured off a draw string bag I had that looked to be about the size I wanted, and fudged it from there.

Both bags have a waterproof lining, so they don’t get everything else in their school bags wet.

The main fabric shell is french seamed, with the loops for the ties to go through caught in the side seams.
In one of them, I appear to have sewn the main fabric and lining as one, and in the other the lining is loose and just caught in the stitching channel at the top that the draw strings go through.

Both function fine, and I haven’t noticed any difference in waterproof-ness.

I appliqued their names on the front.

For this I printed out their names in REALLY LARGE font, and  then traced this on to some interfacing. I ironed the interfacing to the wrong side of the main fabric, and pinned a piece of contrast fabric to the right side of the fabric.
I sewed around their names from the wrong side, and then satin stitched over the first line of stitching from the right side.
Final step was cutting away the extra fabric from around the letters to reveal the names.

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  1. Aww, thanks Jo. I just wanted to make really clear that this was how I did it, not a authoritative guide on how someone should do it.


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