Cake Patterns – Carmine Jacket

A few months ago I was chatting to one of the ladies at our Fabric Hoarders sewing Sunday, and she was lamenting the fact that she had all sorts of lovely garment fabrics and patterns, but was not getting around to using them.
She mentioned a particular pattern, the Cake Carmine, was one she had fabric earmarked for.

I offered that I also had that pattern sitting unused in my stash, and that we could make it together one Sunday.
We agreed this was a great idea, and set our March meetup (today) as the day we would do it.

As this was my first try of the pattern, and Cake has an unusual size selection method, I opted to make this up in a fabric I wasn’t in love with from deep stash – a purple polar fleece. (No, I don’t know why I have purple polar fleece either!!)

This is one of those patterns where the pattern pieces look a little odd, and it is not necessarily clear how it will all work until you get to the end.
We started out by cutting our pieces in our designated size, and then sewed each step together until our big ta-da! moment when we had completed garments.

This was fairly straightforward to put together so long as you trusted the instructions, though we felt it would have benefited from a couple more notches on the large circular piece that forms the front bodice and collar.

We both were really pleased with how our jackets came out, and my friend was pleased for the confidence boost of making them together.

Verdict: will make again in better fabric.

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