Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigan

At a recent sewing day, one of the ladies made the Swoon Scarf Neck cardigan and was kind enough to let me try it on.
As we are a similar size, it fit beautifully!

Coincidentally, I have had this pattern downloaded and printed for a while, but had never got to sticking it together.
This pattern is a bit different to a lot of others I have used in that to save paper (I’m guessing?) smaller edge pieces are put on different pages together. While this was initially a little odd, the edges where pieces joined were all clearly labelled, so it was fairly painless.

Having tried on my friend’s cardigan I had my size sorted, so went ahead with a navy blue merino wool.
This sewed together easily and quickly, with all seams matching as they should.
The most time consuming part was hemming it!

I am really happy with the fit and the style, and can see getting a lot of wear from this.
I plan to make this again.

A great result from a free pattern. Yay!!

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  1. 66stitches

    Thanks for the intro to this pattern company, I haven't heard of them before. Your cardigan looks fabulous in navy. It looks like something you'll reach for a lot.

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