Hot Patterns Superfantastic Shirt

PLain and Simple Superfantastic Shirt

So I sewed this shirt up about two years ago ….. and didn’t like it.
The fit seemed off, and the fabric not quite right. I’m not sure to be honest. So it hung on the back of the door unloved until I could be bothered figuring it out.

Recently, someone in the Hot Patterns facebook group asked about the fit of this pattern as she was looking to make it in the size I had made. I offered to take a couple of pictures of mine for her to see how it fit which she gladly took me up on.

As you may have guessed, when I tried it on again, I can’t remember what my issues with it were, and I really quite like it now!

I acquired the fabric in a fabric swap. It is a lovely floral cotton, that has the look of Liberty about it, but definitely isn’t. It sewed up nicely though!

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